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Contact us as early as the concept stage. With our modern and rational fleet of machinery, we support you from start to finishing line.
With a stock of at least 1500 tonnes of sheet metal, in most grades, we guarantee fast delivery times.


Our drawing office works with the latest available CAD equipment. Whether you have a simple sketch or a finished CAD drawing, our experience of production can be a great help in the ongoing process. We are working hard to utilise the sheet metal to the maximum, in other words, to have as little wastage/scrap as possible.

Read more about design.


Weland has a large modern fleet of machinery for sheet metal working. We can handle most materials, such as sheet metal and tube, in materials such as steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminium, hot dipped galvanised and Magnelis. We have the resources required to perform most metalworking processes with precision, skill and the highest quality.

Read more about laser cutting,waterjet cutting,gas cutting, plasma cutting, punching and about our perforation line.


We perform levelling, brush deburring, grinding and deburring of sheet metal components to great accuracy and precision. Our experienced sales force helps you with the method that best suits your products.

Read more about finishing.

Cutting machining

In recent years, Weland has invested in many new machines for our multi-purpose machining department. We machine large as well as small components. Drilling, reaming, threading and more, are operations we can help you with.

Read more about cutting machining.


Weland has some 10 edge presses in different sizes. With press power up to 800 tonnes and work length of 6200 mm, we can take on most bending tasks.

Read more about bending.


We have the possibility to help you with everything ranging from small welding jobs up to larger, more complicated, welding work. We have significant resources and long experience of diverse engineering work and rational handling.

Read more about welding.

Surface treatment

Weland can provide various kinds of surface treatment. We have our own resources for hot dip galvanisation and painting. We can provide other surface treatments in collaboration with nearby partners.

Read more about surface treatment.


In connection with laser cutting, punching, bending or other manufacturing process, we can also offer the assembly of the complete, or part of, the final product. Our knowledgeable staff guarantee the highest quality with fast and rational handling.


For large customers, or for products in large series, we have the potential to stock products on our customers' behalf in an extremely rational way.

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    Robot Welding

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    Laser cutting of Tubes

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    Laser cutting of Tubes

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    Laser cutting of Tubes

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    Automatic Punching and folding

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    Flat Laser Cutting

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    Robot Welding

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    Punching, nibbling and panel folding

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Sales Sheet metal working

Lars Kennethsson

Direct Telephone Line: +46 (0)371-344 42

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Tom Andersson

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Peter Sköld

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Jörgen Petersson

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Henric Johansson

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Hung Le

Cellphone: +46 (0)734-42 57 17

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Beko Muratovic

Cellphone: +46 (0)734-42 54 36

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