Staircases and Railings

Weland AB offers a wide range of staircases and railings for both external and internal applications. Weland's renowned pressure welded grating is used in many of its space-saving, flexible and easy-to-assemble products.

Spiral staircases are often the best solution for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Spiral staircases are sleek and blend in well into the environment, either in an interior or as part of a facade. Spiral staircases have a small footprint and can be adapted to a wide range of conditions. They are easy to assemble and normally do not require additional load bearing structures. The parts are screwed together and no welding is required during assembly. Spiral staircases made from our standard components can be supplied in a very short space of time.

Our straight flight staircases are made of steel and are primarily used within industry and as escape staircases. A wide selection of railings are available for our staircases, and are suitable for many different applications.