Spiral Staircases for Indoor Applications

Interior spiral staircase

Weland spiral staircases for indoor use can be combined and designed according to your needs in your environment. The materials we use for our staircases are wood, glass and steel. This type of spiral staircase is suitable for offices, shops, houses, etc.

Architecturally pleasing

Straight flight staircases are in many cases regarded as heavy, clumsy and room dominating.

Spiral staircases are considerably more slender and not at all dominating in the same way. In many cases they blend well with the surrounding environment or even appear to be part of the furniture.


As a rule the space for a staircase is limited and step-on/step-off points are determined. This means that straight flight staircases can be very steep or alternate in several flights, which in turn means that they can become very complex and expensive.

Spiral staircases require the same small base area irrespective of how high they are. They can be manufactured either left or right turning and have different numbers of treads per revolution. This means that in most cases a suitable staircase can be achieved.

Light Design

Spiral staircases normally do not demand extra load carrying constructions provided the landings are not excessively large.

Space saving

A spiral staircase with a radius of 900 mm and a radius adapted stepping-off landing sized 950 x 950 mm requires a well space of diam. 1900 mm.


If a person looses balance on a spiral staircase, they are more likely to fall against the balustrade thereby checking their fall and giving them the chance to grab the railing or the newel post.

Easy to erect

The spiral staircase is supplied in knock-down components for assembly on site. The only tools required are a drilling machine, a spanner (either fixed or ratched) and an Allen wrench.

Please note! No welding is required during erection. Comprehensive assembly instructions are included with every delivery.

See our instructional video for installing spiral staircases


Alternatives and options


We manufacture the railings for spiral staircases in many different designs, and we can adapt the product to match your needs. We not only have standard railings with balusters only, railings with hoops and railings with round bar, but also raised railings and railings with sheet metal, mesh or glass infill. When choosing from our railings, you start from where the staircase will be placed and if it needs to be a child-proof railing.


Our handrails are made from tube or wood. Oak is the most common type of wood, but we also deliver many different types, such as pine, birch, beech or ash. They are easy to install and fasten to the spiral staircase's balusters. We can also manufacture square oak handrails. The spiral staircases can be provided with an extra handrail, or inner handrail, which is placed on the centre tube.

Stair treads

The tread surface on the stair treads is normally made from oak or sheet metal that is covered with carpet. We can also manufacture tread surfaces to order, for example, from other types of wood, grey concrete, metal box for tiles and Terazzo concrete.


Step-off landings are manufactured as a square, 90° landing with a radius or as a final step as standard. Different designs are made according to the customer’s needs.

With the right landing, you guarantee that you obtain the best result and that the spiral staircase blends into the surroundings. A step-off landing is usually sufficient. If you have need, the spiral staircase can be connected to other types of platforms or balconies.

Guidance for Designing

Our design office is at your service with dimensioning, drawing and designing of your spiral staircase.

Every spiral staircase is individually drawn, the drawing is sent to the customer for approval before manufacture commences.

Product Manual



Assembly Instruction

Maintenance Instructions

Order Specifications


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