Spiral Staircase for Escape and Industry

Our spiral staircases are the obvious choice if you need a safe evacuation route or a hard-wearing transport route between floors e.g. on industrial or warehouse premises. The staircases are easy to install and the only things needed are standard tools.
We have short delivery times and high delivery reliability.

To match both outdoor climates and the tough conditions that can prevail in industrial environments, all of our spiral staircases are manufactured in hot-dip galvanised steel.

Flexible production

The spiral staircases can be manufactured to turn to the left or to the right and have a different number of steps per revolution. This means you always obtain a well-functioning staircase that is adapted to your needs.

Light structures

If the step-off landing is not very large, Weland's spiral staircases do not need any extra supporting structures.


A spiral staircase with a radius of 900 mm and a step-off landing of 950 x 950 mm only needs a 1900 mm diameter space.

Spiral staircases represent in most cases a very useful staircase solution

Can be constructed to great height

Spiral staircases can be built very high without any extra supports, provided bracing can be arranged, for instance against a wall. If there is no adjacent wall, bracing can be carried out with vertical support legs outside the staircase circumference.


If a person looses balance on a spiral staircase, they are more likely to fall against the balustrade thereby checking their fall and giving them the chance to grab the railing or the newel post.


Since spiral staircases are comfortable to descend, an escape can be carried out quickly. Even rescue on a stretcher can be carried out comfortably.

Easy to erect

The spiral staircase is supplied in knock-down components for assembly on site. The only tools required are a drilling machine, a spanner (either fixed or ratched) and an Allen wrench.

No welding is required during erection. Comprehensive assembly instructions are included with every delivery. We have produced a film as an assembly aid that can be downloaded.

Quick Delivery

Weland spiral staircases for evacuation and industry can be supplied with extra short delivery times provided that standard components are used.

Alternatives and options


We manufacture the railings for spiral staircases in many different designs, and we can adapt the product to match your needs. Not only do we have standard railings with balusters only, railings with intermediate rails, railings with hoops and railings with round bar, but also raised railings and railings with sheet metal or crenelated mesh. When choosing from our railings, you start from where the staircase will be placed and if it needs to be a child-proof railing.


Normally, we manufacture our handrails in stainless steel. They are easy to install and fasten to the spiral staircase's balusters using clamps. We can also provide our spiral staircases with an extra handrail, or inner handrail, which is placed on the centre tube.

Stair treads

The stair treads are usually manufactured in grating, with mesh width 33 x 50 mm, or hot-dip galvanised durbar plate. However, we can also manufacture stair treads with a tread surface in 50 mm concrete or with grating treads with requested mesh width.


With the right landing you guarantee that you obtain the best result and that the staircase blends into the surroundings. A step-off landing is usually sufficient, but sometimes a rest landing is also needed. If you have need, the staircase can also be connected to other types of platforms or balconies. We also manufacture balconies and other types of landing, such as, mezzanines.

Protective cages

The spiral staircases can be supplement with a protective cage, or quarter-circle cage, to prevent access by unauthorised persons. The cage doors are opened with a key from the outside and knob from the inside.

Guidance for Designing

Our design office is at your service with dimensioning, drawing and designing of your spiral staircase.

Every spiral staircase is individually drawn, the drawing is sent to the customer for approval before manufacture commences.

Product Manual


Movie clip


Assembly Instruction

Order Specifications


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