Other products

Under other products, we have collected products that cannot be directly linked to any of our other main groups.

  • Storage equipment includes pallet racks, cantilever racks, vertical racks and pull-out units. Here can be found everything needed for efficient and rational storage.
  • A closely related product is our steel pallet, which is a very flexible and stackable storage option.
  • Cat ladders with accessories such as platforms and fixing components for all types of facade and chimney. All in easily assembled modular systems that are kept in stock.
  • Stable and maintenance free outdoor furniture that can stand outside all year round and is difficult to vandalise. Available as seats and picnic furniture.
  • Expanded metal is a very useful material for barriers, anti-burglary guards and as decor on facades and ceilings. Available in many different thicknesses and mesh widths.
  • Entrance mats from our subsidiary Kåbe-Mattan AB are among the most well-known and tested on the market. Ideally combined with Weland entrance gratings so you obtain an optimal dirt absorbing entrance.

Apart from this, there are a number of products for various applications collected under other products. Just click further to investigate them.

Pallet Racks