Presswelded grating

Load bearing bar

Upright positioned load bearing bars/flat bars. The load bearing bar constitutes the load bearing structure in the grating.

Cross bar

Twisted square bars connect the load bars at right angles (connected by press welding).

Grating, serrated design

Load bearing bar with serrated top face for extra non-slip safety.

Mesh size

Distance between load bearing bars and cross bars (centre to centre).

Grating length, span width or length of load bearing bar

Length of grating = length of load bearing bar including edging bar. Span width = the distance between two support beams. The grating can be laid over two or more support beams. On a drawing the load bar direction is marked . The first figure of the panel dimensions indicates the load bar measure, e.g. 815 x 1000 mm.

Grating width Length of cross bars

Width of grating = length of cross bars.

Grating height

Grating height = height of load bearing bars.

Matching cross bars

Panels can be laid out with matching cross bars. Supplied at extra cost.

Edging bar

Flat bar welded to the ends of the load bearing bars connecting them together.

High edging bar (kick strip)

Edging bar higher than the load bearing bars, projecting above the top of the grating panel.

Low edging bar

Edging bar wider than the load bearing bars, projecting below the bottom of the grating panel.

Opening measure

The actual measurement of the opening for positioning of the grating panel.

Panel measure

The exact measure of the grating panel – must be 6 – 10 mm less than the opening measure. Applies to both the length of the load bearing bars and the length of the cross bars.

Inside width

Measurement of the opening to be covered by the grating (distance between the inside edges of the support beams).

Finishing Piece

Grating cut to width other than standard width (500, 700 or 1000 mm).


Common term for all types of shaping of grating, see below.

Straight shaping

Shaping at right angles to the load bearing bars respectively the cross bars.

Curved shaping

Shaping other than at right angles to the load bearing bars or cross bars.

Gross area

Total area of grating calculated on basis of our standard widths 500 and 1000 mm.

Net area

Net area of grating after deducting cut-out areas.

Pressure welded walkways and vehicular multipanels


Grating length = length of load bearing bar including edging. The span is the distance between two supports. The grating can be placed across two or more supports. When indicating the size the length of the load bearing bar is the first figure, e.g. 810 x 1000 mm.

Grating Dimensions

The grating dimension is the exact size of the grating panel. The aperture must always be 6 – 10 mm larger than the size of the grating (daylight measure). This applies to both the length and the width.

Width/ Finishing Piece

The standard width of the grating is 1000 mm. To achieve the full laying measure a finishing piece is often required. Cut the finishing piece close to the next load bearing bar so full edging around the grating is achieved. All cut faces have to be cold galvanized.


A-Type Grating

Load bearing bar

Upright positioned load bearing bars/flat bars. The load bearing bar constitutes the load bearing structure in A-type grating. This measurement is basically optional, although it should not exceed 100 mm.

Cross bar

Flat bars that connect the load bearing bars at right angles. c/c measurement between the cross bars is selected in multiples of c/c 11.1 mm. I.e. 11.1 - 22.2 - 33.3 etc.

Edging bar

Flat bars that are welded around. Connects together load bearing bars and cross bars.

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