A Weland mezzanine makes it possible for you to build an additional floor - taking advantage of the entire volume of your premises and effectively increasing the floor space of your existing premises. Weland manufactures mezzanines for both indoor and outdoor use.

Weland mezzanines are built as a cantilevered framework using our very own, in-house produced lightweight Sigma beams. The entire structure is screwed together on site. Well-thought-out fittings and pre-punched holes in the cold-formed Sigma sections allow for fast and simple assembly onto the framework.

Railing systems, staircases and load gates are well-thought-out and proven products used by Weland for its mezzanines. Different flooring alternatives make Weland mezzanines some of the market's most flexible mezzanines.

The whole assembly proceeds without any need for welding.

All components are hot-dip galvanised by default, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mezzanine outdoors

Weland mezzanines for outdoor and industrial use are usually manufactured with grating and sectional railings with intermediate rail. This type of mezzanine is suitable for industrial and warehouse premises, fan installations, etc.

Mezzanine indoors

Weland mezzanines for indoor use can be combined and designed for whatever needs you may have in your premises or public environment. The materials we use for our mezzanines are wood, glass and steel. This type of mezzanine is suitable for offices, shops, houses, etc.

Mezzanine components


A mezzanine flooring can be designed in different ways and with different materials. Depending on area of application and safety requirements, the flooring that is selected is normally one of the following alternatives.


Grating exist in different designs, mesh widths and dimensions depending on your desires for bearing capacity, permeability (objects, light, liquids, sprinkling) and anti-slip protection.


Chipboard flooring with direct laminated surface, which provides a hard-wearing and easily cleaned floor. Chipboard also withstands heavy loads.

Plank type flooring

Plank type flooring is an alternative when you require a closed steel floor surface. Plank type flooring has good anti-slip protection and low weight. Because the planks are closed, insulation can be installed in or under the planks.


Railings for mezzanines are available in several designs. What railing you need depends on the requirements for children's safety, your own requirements as well as the specific environment where you will build the mezzanine.

Sectional railing is the default option available for our mezzanines, with balusters of 40x40x3 mm square pipe sections and handrails made of Ø 42 mm stainless steel. Railing infills made from various materials can be installed between the balusters.

Sectional railing with intermediate rails

A railing with intermediate rails and a kick strip is a simpler design that is primarily produced for industrial environments. Sectional railing with intermediate rails are not child-proof.

Sectional railing

This childproof railing is manufactured using round bars as railing infill. Sectional railing is child-proof, i.e. there are no openings in the railing wider than 100 mm.

Infills of other types, such as glass, perforated sheet metal or crenellated grating, can also be manufactured to order.

Gate and loading gate

We also fit mezzanines with gates and loading areas according to your desires.

Sigma beams

Sigma beam is the foundation of the floor structure. The Sigma beam is a cold-formed section with low weight and high strength. The beams are available in 3 different heights and varying thicknesses to ensure optimal use of the material.

The beams have punched holes with a separation of 50 mm, which are adapted to our assembly fittings and railing systems. This means that assembly can be performed quickly and easily, with no need for welding.

The Sigma beams are so light that lifting tools are frequently not necessary. There are also large holes in the centre of the beam for routing electrical cables and pipes.

The Sigma beam is hot-dip galvanised by default to a thickness of 20 µm. The beam can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as in non-corrosive environments without a need for additional surface treatment.


Weland is one of the country's largest suppliers of spiral and straight flight staircases made of steel. As a result, our experience in this field guarantees the best availability, safety and convenience possible for your mezzanine.

The staircases for industrial environments are manufactured with anti-slip treads made of grating or durbar plate. For public environments, we have stair treads in other materials such as wood, concrete, etc.

The staircase railing can also be manufactured so that the railing matches the mezzanine railing.



The mezzanines are designed and offered by Weland. On receiving an order, our experienced designers draw the entire mezzanine, including railings and connections. The drawing is submitted to the customer for approval prior to manufacturing the mezzanine.

Quick deliveries of mezzanines

Weland mezzanines are largely constructed out of components which are kept on stock. This is to ensure that we can deliver mezzanines with short lead times.

Give us your requirements, such as:

  • Purpose.
  • Load requirements.
  • Dimensions (width, length, height above existing floor or headroom under the mezzanine).
  • Floor covering preference.


Weland supplies materials in accordance with the drawing, and installation is carried out by the customer in accordance with the instructions. Alternatively, Weland can recommend fitters. All parts and components are screwed together during assembly and installation. No welding is required during assembly.

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