Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting

Cutting of all metals and many materials. Cuts thicknesses up to 100 mm.

An alternative to laser cutting is water jet cutting. With this method all types of metal up to 100 mm thick can be cut.

As this method is a cold process, no changes in the structure of the edge zone due to thermal effects occur. This also means that all types of material such as wood, glass, natural stone, ceramics, rubber, plastics, even porous material can be cut.


  • Maximum length 6000 mm of material:
  • Max. material width: 4000 mm
  • Maximum plate 100 mm thickness:

Contact Weland for information about the material and the thickness of material avaible for processing.


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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting and other sheet metal working

Laser cutting; Laser cutting of plate; Laser cutting of tubes; JUMBO Tube Laser; Perforation line; Gas / Plasma cutting; Water jet cutting; Punching; Nibbling; Panel folding; Bending; Levelling; Robot welding; Weland AB
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