HAndrail for spiral straircase


As standard, the handrail is made of rolled steel tube with a diameter of 42 mm or round wood rails with a diameter of 50 mm.

The tubular handrail is joined with the aid of a patented joining device.

When spiral staircases are finished with hot dip galvanizing, handrails made of stainless steel tube are used, the same as for outdoor use.

joining device Handrail of stainless steel tube Wooden handrail

Alternative Handrails

Additional Handrail

Weland spiral staircases for In door applications can also be furnished with an additional handrail. The alternative handrail is placed under the handrail and is set at an optional height.

Alternative handrail

Inner Handrail

The spiral staircase can also be equipped with an inner handrail. The handrail is placed on the centre tube.

Wooden Handrail

Round handrails made of oak, pine, birch, beech or ash can also be manufactured. These handrails have a diameter of 50 mm.


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    Spiral staircase with balustrade. Wooden treads and child-proof railing. Handrail of stainless steel.


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    Spiral staircase with balustrade.


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    Spiral staircase with wooden treads and handrail.


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    R-1200 mm, wooden handrail Ã?50 mm


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    Spiral staircase with wooden treads and handrail.


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