Environmental policy

Weland AB is a unique company. The investment pace is high, and the desire to constantly develop and improve is important to us. Weland AB is a family owned company with a fl at organization structure for quick decision making.

Quality, experience and knowledge have strengthened our organization and made us successful. We are a reliable partner in a long-term relationship with our customers.

Production is at the center at Weland AB and to us it's synonymous with a sound environmental focus. We effectively achieve eco-friendliness through constant improvement of our production procedures to reach optimal usage of materials and energy. Weland AB's ambition is to minimize the effects on the environment for sustainable development. The environmental focus will contribute to both marketing and economical advantages for Weland AB, and the customers will view us as a solid eco-friendly option.

Fundamentals for environmental focus:

  • Use energy and natural resources sparingly
  • Minimize, sort and recycle residual waste as much as possible
  • Meet or exceed environmental rules and regulations, as well as other requirements concerning us
  • Prevent environmental risks
  • Use up to date technology

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