Quality policy

Weland AB is a unique company. The investment pace is high, and the desire to constantly develop and improve is important to us. Weland AB is a family owned company with a fl at organization structure for quick decision making.

Quality, experience and knowledge have strengthened our organization and made us successful. We are a reliable partner in a long-term relationship with our customers.

Our competitive strength is to satisfy the customer through delivering products of proper quality, on time and at the right price to give us and the customer the best value.

Fundamentals for quality work:

  • Every delivery should lead to a recommendation for a future order
  • Agreed upon delivery times are to be kept • Internal sub-quality expenses will be rectifi ed
  • Base corrections on facts, a complete overview of operations and with a long-term perspective
  • We must comply with requirements placed on us
  • Working for continous improvement of quality

Product Manual